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OPINION: Was the UFC Purposefully Under-Promoting UFC 196 Until Now?

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By Bjorn Hansen

Something was wrong. There was something missing. It wasn’t so much about what happened, as much as it was about what didn’t happen. The MMA field of psychic energy lacked a directed focus. It was split in several directions. There was one thing we should have all been talking about, yet it seemed we were all looking past it. We saw the potential, but ignored its likelihood. What I mean to say is, I certainly didn’t feel like we were collectively counting down to potential MMA history…and yet…the greatest page of MMA History could have been written this March 5th.

Let me back up for a moment. Let’s talk for a second about how we got there.

Before a “bruised foot and sore vagina” derailed the fight, Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor was putting his undefeated UFC record on the line in what was an attempt to move up a weight division and snatch the Lightweight Championship belt from Rafael Dos Anjos’ tight grasp. Why would this have been history? Well for one, no one had ever held two belts at the same time. (Randy Couture and B.J. Penn won belts in two different weight-classes, but never concurrently). As huge and unprecedented as that would have been, it was more than just that.

It was about Mystic Mac fulfilling another one of his improbable prophesies, briefly recapped below.

2008: A twenty year old Conor McGregor not only predicts he will be in the UFC someday, he predicts he will be UFC champion.

2013: After his first UFC fight, he predicts he’ll drag the UFC back to Ireland after a six year hiatus.

2014: Before headlining UFC Fight Night 46 in Ireland, Conor predicts a first round KO of Diego Brandao

2014: Months later, ….View full article

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