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Ortiz: Ronda Rousey was hand-fed opponents, Cris Cyborg will be ‘face of women’s MMA’

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Tito Ortiz says Ronda Rousey was a flash in the pan.

While Cris Cyborg has been hesitant to accept the label of “Face of Women’s MMA”, that’s exactly what Tito Ortiz says she would be after UFC 214. According to hall-of-fame fighter, who was part of Cyborg’s team during this fight camp, she’ll take up that mantle after finally adding the UFC title to her impressive resume.

“She is going to be the face of women’s MMA. She should have been a long time ago. She’s gonna be now,” Ortiz told Submission Radio.

Ortiz also spoke about Ronda Rousey, who used to hold that distinction during her title reign at bantamweight.

“You know, Ronda was a flash in the pan,” he said. “And nothing against her, she was a great champ at the time, but when you’re getting hand-fed opponents, it is what it is. But Cris is not a person to submit people and give them an opportunity to do it again, she’s a person to knock people out.

“As you heard tonight at the press conference, people comparing her to a Mike Tyson. But now she’s a confident person, is keeping her hips low and yeah, she swings like Mike Tyson,” he continued. “All of her sparring partners, they’re all men. We don’t have any women sparring partners with her, and when they do it’s just a confidence booster for her, and I’ve got to thank all of them for coming in and working with her. Cris is finally the UFC world champ.”

Cyborg long campaigned for a super-fight with Rousey during her time at the top of the sport, but the UFC never got to promote the bout that surely would’ve done wonders in the box office.

The featherweight champion has been truly dominant throughout her 12-year MMA career, and has held titles in multiple organizations. That said, one of the main challenges promotions have faced is finding willing opponents to face her.

Ortiz also went on to discuss Jon Jones’ win, and a possible bout against Brock Lesnar. Listen to the full interview below.

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