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Paddy Pimblett Uses Banner to Call Out Conor McGregor During Europa League Final

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Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett has done most of his self promotion with a microphone pointed at his face after adding another win to his 10-1 professional record. ‘The Liverpool Lip’, as he has come to be known, has shown a great flair for the trash-talking element of the sport, but this weekend he kicked up his marketing game to a new level.

As tens of millions of people tuned into watch the 21-year-old’s beloved Liverpool Football Club take on Sevilla in the Europa League final last night, a banner displaying a picture of Pimblett and one of his famous lines (McGregor, you’re getting smoked lad) appeared behind the advertisement hoardings about halfway up the pitch.

Liverpool were bested on the night 3-1 to the Spanish side, and one fan even remarked on Twitter that seeing Pimblett’s banner was the only conciliation he took from the night.

Pimblett revealed that the banner was made by a close friend of his because he had been let down on a ticket for the European clash in Basel.

“The person I was supposed to be going over with, he’s a good friend of mine and he’s one of my sponsors, he said that because I wasn’t able to go to the game he would make a banner for me to put beside the pitch while the match was being played,” explained ‘The Baddy’.

“I just thought he was saying that to be nice, but then he sent me a picture of it! The first idea was to have ‘Paddy The Baddy Is Going to Get You’ written on it, but in the end they went with ‘McGregor You’re Getting Smoked Lad’, because I said that before in an interview.”

Photo by Dolly Clew/Cage Warriors

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