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Paulie Malignaggi Teases Possible Return for Fight with Conor McGregor

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Former two-division boxing champ Paulie Malignaggi isn’t ready to come out of retirement for a potential fight against Conor McGregor but he’s not discounting the possibility either.

Malignaggi has gone on the offensive over the past week after leaving McGregor’s training camp while defending himself from accusations that he took the brunt of the damage from his most recent sparring session against the UFC lightweight champion.

The war of words first started after Malignaggi did several interviews where he commented on McGregor’s power, which then led to the Irishman’s camp releasing photos where he’s slamming home punches on the former boxing champion. Another shot showed McGregor standing over Malignaggi, who was laying on the ground after an exchange.

Malignaggi countered by saying the knockdown was merely a shove down after McGregor got frustrated from how much he was being punished during their exchanges on the feet.

Malignaggi has continued taking shots at McGregor and his camp through several interviews, which has led to quite a few fans asking whether or not he’d be interested in making a return to action for a fight with the UFC lightweight champion.

Lets see how August 26th plays out, that one is around the corner. The result and how it comes about plays a big factor in future endeavors https://t.co/5YFNe6vJUn

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

Easy! The most lucrative fight in combat sports is end of the month! Let’s see how it plays out. https://t.co/EwZj7Qkx0D

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

These are questions for after the 26th. https://t.co/J8OJzHw51l

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

Understood, I’m just saying let’s enjoy the present, the future things and possibilities can def be discussed afterwards though. https://t.co/IOBODOsmAP

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

So was Floyd https://t.co/kOZNCFFkMA

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 10, 2017

I thought you were retired?

— Tom Usher

Judging by his messages on Twitter, Malignaggi isn’t committing to a return to the ring just for the opportunity to face McGregor, but he’s also not denying that it’s a possibility.

Of course, McGregor has to get through his fight with Mayweather first and depending on his performance, it could set him up for future boxing matches as well. At this point there’s little doubt that McGregor facing Malignaggi for real instead of a sparring session would certainly drum up a ton of interest from fans.

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