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Polaris 7 includes welterweight and featherweight tournaments

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With six events in the can, Polaris continues to prove that it is one of the top promotions in professional grappling. Last week the organization announced its seventh event, scheduled for July 14th and hailing from the O2 Arena in London, England. Since the announcement, a number of important matches are planned to push toward the crowing of new champions.

Two fights in the welterweight tournament have been revealed. Ross Nicholls will face off against Nathan Orchard and Lachlan Giles is scheduled to compete against Oliver Taza.

Orchard is a name that should be familiar to those who follow many of the no-gi competitions going on in the sport. He is a multiple-time competitor in the Eddie Bravo Invitational and has even crossed over into the Combat Jiu Jitsu space; reaching the finals of the CJJ tournament in November of last year where he was defeated by Vagner Rocha. Orchard brings a wealth of experience across the biggest competitions in professional grappling and should be a name to watch in this tournament.

Ross Nicholls comes into this event with experience on the Polaris stage. He recently competed at Polaris 6 where he defeated Tommi Pulkkanen via heel hook. The Roger Gracie Academy standout has competed for organizations such as the UAEJJ and placed third in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in 2017.

Lachlan Giles is a name that many will recognize for his participation in the ADCC Trials, where he won the 2015 and 2017 Asia & Oceania trails. His resume includes wins over the likes of Orchard, Edwin Najmi, and others. While he’s struggled against some of the top names, Giles is a competitor who is on the cusp of a breakthrough at any moment. It will be interesting to see how he leverages this opportunity at the Polaris welterweight title.

Taza is a member of the famed Danaher Death Squad who has been looking for his opportunity to break through to mainstream grappling status. While his name may not bring the cache as Gordon Ryan, Eddie Cummings or Garry Tonon; he’s still a dangerous threat any time he’s a part of the action. He’s won a number of events such as the Sapateiro Invitational, and has placed in others such as the IBJJF Worlds, Europeans and other major competitions.

The welterweight tournament isn’t the only one planned as the featherweight tournament will also be a part of Polaris 7. Masakazu Imanari faces Ash Williams in the first announced match of this bracket.

Imanari is a name that BJJ and MMA fans will recognize. The former DEEP and Cage Rage champion has seen resurgence of late as he’s competed in many of the biggest grappling organizations in the sport. He competed against Tonon at Polaris 2 where he was defeated by the Tom DeBlass black belt. Imanari is a name that brings reverence to this tournament and he’s a veteran that shouldn’t be taken lightly in any sense. Williams isn’t a competitor that should be overlooked by any sense of the word, and even though he may be the underdog in this fight, he has the ability to upset Imanari and move to the next round.

There are still a number of matches yet to be announced for Polaris 7. But if any of the past events can be used as an example, this is an event that should not be missed by fans of competitive grappling.

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