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Power of the Wooden Dummy: Totem of Traditional Kung Fu

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Type “wooden dummy” into the oracle and you’ll be greeted with pages and pages of wooden training partners for sale: traditional Wing Chun stacked dummies, PVC dummies, free-standing dummies, dummies for Mantis style, for Jeet Kun Do and Hung Gar, more dummies for Choy Lay Fut. Innovative metal dummies and solutions for people who want one in their cramped apartment, or who want a traditional dummy shoved into a hole in the ground, except without the hole in the ground.

There will be confessions of a poor carpenter, and his attempts to make a muk yan jong with links to the best plans for your own wooden dummy. Click over to the videos tab and you have a full afternoon’s worth of people hitting the dummy: Older Cantonese men, like Ip Man’s son Ip Ching, older Caucasians stuck in the 80s, clips from Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen, dozens of training videos featuring every Southern Chinese kung fu style known to man. For extra credit, go ahead and scroll down to the Youtube comments for a glimpse into the vicious style-wars that wrack the traditional Chinese martial arts world.

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