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Pro Wrestling and the Art of Political Storytelling

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This story first appeared on Vice Sports.

Pro wrestling is political. This must be reiterated and placed forcefully at the center of its methods of storytelling.

It is political when we boo the classic evil foreigner. It is political when we cheer the babyface with the American flag. It is political when a storyline involves a workingman redneck beating up his boss.

It is pervasively, intensely political, at all levels of its storytelling. This is really important to understand, because the combination of its core of politics and the simplicity of its storytelling has allowed it to thrive for a hundred years. It will last a hundred more. You can like it or not, think that it makes sense or that it’s weird, or something in between. It doesn’t matter. It is the oldest form of modern entertainment to maintain a steady level of more or less high popularity in this country, from the early 20th century to today.

Vaudeville is gone. Musicals wax and wane, no matter how many people insist Hamilton is for everyone. Jazz lingers, wraithlike, bound to never again cross the threshold of small clubs or escape the pull of the damned progeny of Spyro Gyra.

Wrestling is still here.

This is not the first thing to be written which touches on Donald Trump and his relationship to pro wrestling. It probably won’t be the last. Respected political blogs and a million forum posts alike have touched upon the same novel thought: Donald Trump acts like a pro wrestler. It’s been written about here before. And, heaven knows, we don’t need one more. Not in a world drowning in quick explainers of how Harry Potter is just like Hillary Clinton and 12 things from your kitchen that are Game of Thrones ….View full article

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