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Raquel Pennington: MMA fighter ‘proud’ of coaches after controversy

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Pennington’s coaches allegedly pushed her to keep fighting after she told them she was “done.”

After a controversial TKO loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 224 last weekend, UFC bantamweight Raquel Pennington is standing by her coaches.

On Saturday, Pennington told her team she was “done” after losing the first four rounds of the title fight and apparently breaking her nose. 

However, one of her coaches, who has been identified as Jason Kutz by media outlets, told her to “throw everything we got” and “change your mindset.” Pennington obliged but just two minutes later lost via TKO in the final round.

While appearing on “The MMA Hour” on Monday, Pennington, 29, said she is “proud” of her coaches. 

“I know a lot of people are going against what they said and thinking all this different stuff, and it’s easy to judge, but you never know what’s happening in that moment,” Pennington said.

“At the end of the day, my coaches know me best and they know my toughness. They know what I can handle, and I trust my coaches with everything that I have, that they wouldn’t put me in a situation I can’t handle.”

Pennington also said that her nose is not broken, but she is concerned about the condition of her left leg, which she broke last year.

“I chose not to tap out and pull my head out of my ass, basically, and not give up on myself,” she said. “Because at the end of the day, when you give up, that’s a whole different ballgame.”

Saturday was Pennington’s (9-6) first fight since November 2016 and first shot at a UFC championship.

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