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Rebuilding The Fighter: What Ronda Rousey Should Do To Improve

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You know, it’s becoming clear that most times when a fighter loses people steadily begin to discuss their options and future. Many say that fighter A is done, that it makes no sense to continue. They’re washed up and broken down, their skill set just isn’t cutting it. In some cases it’s true, some fighters simply don’t have the skill set needed to continue to succeed or come back from a crushing defeat. One of the fighters that fit into that category is someone who has dominated the competition for years.

Ronda Rousey.

Now, while many people have their own opinions on whether she should continue or not, Ronda Rousey is the kind of woman who is going to weigh her options before jumping headlong in any direction. She’s not going to retire on a whim nor is she going to casually return to action. Ronda and her handlers have a plan of attack they’re formulating. If that plan does include a comeback fight then she’s going to have to make a few decisions going forward.

For The Love Of God, A New Head Coach Please

First thing’s first. Ronda Rousey is not going to get to where she needs to be by remaining where she is. While I do appreciate her loyalty to her camp, she has to realize that her approach to fighting has stagnated and if Edmond Tarverdyan can’t get her to where she needs to go then Ronda needs to consider her options.

As important as it is to be loyal and trust in your camp, Ronda Rousey should be considering if the coaching she’s receiving is actually making her grow or if things have stagnated. And the reality is that Rousey could still easily employ Tarverdyan’s services while at the same time exploring her options.

Get A Traditional Kicking Game

While many people have said that Ronda Rousey needs better boxing or that a freestyle wrestling game would serve her well, the reality is that she needs more tools than that. While wrestling and more boxing will help, MMA has become a game of distances. If you can’t close distance or get out of range then you’ll simply be a sitting duck for the sharper strikers in the division. A kicking game would go a long way to improving that. But not just any kicking style will do. If Ronda wants to come back strong then taking on a style like taekwondo or karate will undoubtedly help her to both in and out of striking range.

“The traditional martial artist suggests martial arts. Compelling stuff.”

Yeah, it may seem like bias, but with the game constantly changing, incorporating styles that live and die based on movement isn’t entirely a bad idea. When Ronda was getting her bell ring against Amanda Nunes she had opportunities to retreat and regain her wits. Problem is that if you don’t have the footwork and haven’t been trained as such then doing so is easier said. But imagine a Ronda Rousey who bounces lightly on her feet, uses Tai Sabaki (Japanese for body management), a practice utilized in many traditional arts, and has the confidence to get close to her opponent in a flash and get away just as fast. That’s a scary proposition to deal with for any woman in the bantamweight division. Ronda’s rumored bum knees would make this a fairly difficult proposition, but we’re talking about repurposing and if she is ever looking to get a win again it’s something she should consider.

What do you think can improve Ronda Rousey’s game?

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