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Reebok has a message for sponsorship haters: UFC decides how its fighters are paid, not us

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) entered into an exclusive sponsorship agreement with Reebok earlier this year (details), one that forced every ZUFFA-based mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter to surrender their current sponsors on fight week and wear only this.

As expected, some folks were not happy.

But as more and more fighters started criticizing the deal, most notably UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub (read his rant here), fans started echoing the Reebok hate (sample). Of course, it doesn’t help when the sports and apparel brand does stuff like this.

But as far as the payout structure? That’s up to UFC, not Reebok, according to comments from senior director of combat training Michael Lunardelli (via MMA Fighting):

“Some people are going to criticize the deal. They may feel that they lost some sponsorships as part of this apparel deal. The way we look at it is, we’re not deciding where the money goes. We’re investing into all these different things that relate to MMA and the sport, so we’ve put a lot of money into the UFC deal, we’ve put a lot of money into fighters, we’ve put a ….View original article

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