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Renzo Gracie: ‘It’s a compliment to your opponent if you don’t tap’

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Rear-naked choke. That’s the move both Nate Diaz and Miesha Tate used to win their respective bouts at UFC 196. Although Diaz and Tate applied similar techniques, their opponents had different reactions: One tapped out and the other didn’t.

After the event, Holly Holm, Tate’s opponent, was praised by fans for fighting to the very end by choosing not to tap out, going unconscious. But Diaz’s opponent, Conor McGregor, was criticized for choosing to tap out, forcing referee Herb Dean to stop the fight.

And that’s when the old debate of whether there is honor or not in choosing not to tap out reemerged in the MMA community.

Renzo Gracie, who’s considered by many to be a living legend in the martial arts world, believes there’s in honor in not tapping out.

“Definitely, it’s a compliment to your opponent if you don’t tap,” Gracie said on a recent edition of The MMA Hour. “This shows he fought a much greater fighter. We always thought that way, you know.”

Almost 16 years ago, back in August of 2000 at Pride FC 10, Gracie fought Japanese fighter and skilled catch wrestler Kazushi Sakuraba. That night, Sakuraba caught Gracie in an arm-lock, putting him in a position similar to Holm or McGregor’s, where the only two options available were to tap out or not.

It was then that one of the most memorable moments in MMA was born, as Gracie refused to tap out, forcing Sakuraba to break his arm.

“The first time I was actually caught was by Sakuraba in the arm lock and I was extremely glad when I left because I made sure that my mind was stronger than my ligaments and my body,” Gracie said. “That was a victory of my mind over my body and I was sure I ….View full article

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