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Repeat USADA offender George Sullivan is the latest fighter to apply for a retroactive TUE

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George Sullivan is trying to avoid a lengthy suspension for clomiphene use by asking USADA for a therapeutic use exemption.

Clomiphene. So hot right now.

The same drug that earned Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones one year suspensions from the UFC has come up again in the case of much lesser known UFC welterweight George Sullivan. George was just coming back from a previous drug suspension due to nasal spray when he was flagged again by USADA, this time for the suddenly oh so popular clomiphene.

Sullivan took to Facebook to explain the drug was part of fertility treatments as he and his wife were trying to conceive. Now he’s trying to clear the whole thing up with USADA by applying for a retroactive Therapeutic Use Exemption. That’s another term you’re probably familiar with after 145 pound queen without a crown Cris Cyborg failed a USADA test in December for a diuretic called spironolactone. Cyborg has claimed that is the result of treatments being given to her by her doctor after weight cuts seriously affected her health. She’s also applying for a retroactive TUE.

So what the heck is going on? Is USADA testing so stringent that fighters can’t receive legitimate medical prescriptions? Or does every performance enhancing drug these days come with a built in valid sounding excuse as to why it was in your system?

The court of public opinion may have already labeled Cyborg a cheater, but there’s not a ton of evidence that spironolactone is a very effective PED at all. Clomiphene, on the other hand, is a known post-cycle substance that can double a user’s testosterone production. And while it is licensed by the FDA as a fertility treatment for women, its use by men for the same purpose is considered off-label or not particularly recommended.

We’ll see how this retroactive TUE angle works for George Sullivan, but considering clomiphene’s growing reputation and the questionable use Sullivan is claiming, we doubt he’ll manage to avoid a lengthy suspension from USADA.

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