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Ricardo Ramos Not Worried About High Expectations Following Epic Knockout In Last Fight

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Ricardo Ramos hopes his last fight is just the first of many highlights he’ll have on his resume by the time he calls it a career.

Last November at a stacked UFC 217 card in New York, Ramos managed to earn a performance bonus after he landed a spectacular spinning back elbow to knockout highly touted prospect Aiemann Zahabi.

The victory served as Ramos’ second win in the UFC but it also undoubtedly put high expectations on his shoulders to deliver those kinds of performances each and every time he steps into the Octagon.

Of course the 22-year old Brazilian can’t guarantee he’s going to end every fight with that kind of stunning knockout but he definitely promises to try.

See Ramos has always approached his fighting career with an attitude that he’s never going to be satisfied with what just happened and instead always look forward to do better the next time no matter how much praise he gets for any one victory.

“It was nice for me. It’s the biggest performance of my career for sure,” Ramos said about his lights out finish last year. “It’s one thing I like to always put on my wins — it’s big but I want to be bigger than the last one. I know it was a spinning elbow, a really nice performance but what I’m training for everyday and what I will do in the next fight will be better than the last one.

“It’s really good motivation for me to train harder and harder everyday to make the next one better.”

It’s that kind of mentality that has quickly turned Ramos into one of the most interesting prospects currently occupying a spot on the UFC roster as he prepares to make his return to action this weekend.

At UFC 227, Ramos faces South Korean standout Kyung Ho Kang in a battle of bantamweights currently riding three fight win streaks.

Ramos knows on paper that Kang is a ground specialist, who will probably look to take him to the mat, which may negate the opportunities for a jaw-dropping knockout.

That being said, Ramos learned a valuable lesson from an icon of mixed martial arts when he was first starting out as a fighter that you can’t worry about the one thing your opponent does best.

Instead, Ramos prepares for everything and that will always give him the best chance to win and to do so spectacularly.

“We always have a strategy when training for an opponent. I watch a lot of videos from my opponent but in the fight, a lot of different things happen,” Ramos said. “If you’re not ready for this new stuff, new situations, you’re going to be in trouble. So I like to train for every situation. So my next opponent is a ground fighter but he could go into this fight and try to strike with me so if I’m not ready for that, I could put myself in a bad situation.

“I’m always training for everything. I watch a lot of videos with Fedor Emelianenko and he always says he’s training for everything to try and be complete. That’s what I try to do. I want to be ready everywhere in the fight.”

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