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Ricky Hatton: I’d like McGregor to ‘splatter’ Mayweather, but he’s ‘not going to hit him’

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Former boxing champion Ricky Hatton is a fan of Conor McGregor but doesn’t like his chances against Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring.

Retired former British boxing star and world champion Ricky Hatton was recently on TMZ, where he naturally was asked about Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. Does “The Hitman” believe McGregor has a shot at victory? (Spoiler: Nope.)

“I’m a big Conor McGregor fan,” Hatton said, “and if he ever watches this interview I hope he doesn’t take this to heart, because he’s like me. He’s a real guy, he’s a comedian, he’s a character, he’s a colorful person, and when you watch his style of fighting I absolutely love the bloke. But it’s two different sports and I couldn’t hit him, Oscar [De La Hoya] couldn’t hit him, Canelo [Alvarez] couldn’t hit him, Conor’s not going to hit him.”

Hatton famously fought Mayweather in 2007, at a time when both men were undefeated, but Mayweather knocked out Hatton in the 10th round. Yes, contrary to popular belief, Mayweather actually has knockouts on his record.

The 38-year-old Englishman not only doesn’t see McGregor hitting Mayweather (as much as he would like it to happen), but he indicated that it could damage the UFC/MMA if McGregor gets dominated.

“If he’s the UFC’s biggest name and he doesn’t lay a glove on Floyd, which no disrespect, I think I could actually see that happen, I think there’s only one organization that would come off worse, or one sport.

“I’m a boxer but I’m a fan of UFC and everything like that,” Hatton continued, “but if he’s UFC’s biggest name and what I think happens in the fight happens, it could be a bit embarrassing. I would not like to see that happen to Conor because I love him to bits. I think he’s good for sport, good for entertainment, you know what I mean? He’s a real guy. Truth be known, I’d like Conor to splatter him, but my heart says it, but my mind says no, he probably wouldn’t [hit him].”

McGregor has signed a contract with the UFC for a boxing match with Mayweather, but negotiations between the UFC and Floyd are ongoing. If talks break down, then maybe, just maybe, we’ll see McGregor return to the Octagon and defend his lightweight title.

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