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Ricky Palacios Prepared for 8-Man Copa Combate Tournament

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In his two wins in 2017, bantamweight Ricky Palacios feels like he did exactly what he wanted to, and aside from a couple of small hiccups in each fight, dominated his way to wins.

First against Roman Salazar in April, and then again in July against Chris Avila, both for Combate Americas, Palacios was able to control much of the action and come out with a decision victory in each bout.

“I think I’ve been doing great,” Palacios told MMAWeekly.com. “The Roman fight, I think I controlled the whole fight. He got a few takedowns in the last round, but it didn’t do much. I hit him a few times where his eyes rolled and he wobbled.

“The Avila fight, I wasn’t preparing for a fight, so I took it on a few weeks’ notice. I performed pretty good with only two weeks of training. I was able to dominate the fight. I did really good in both fights.”

With his wins in hand, Palacios now heads to Cancun, Mexico, on November 4 to participate in the Copa Combate single-night eight-man 135-pound tournament, in conjunction with NBCU Telemundo.

Then it comes to the physical aspect of the tournament, Palacios isn’t quite sure how he’ll handle the possibility of three fights in one night, but he doesn’t plan to take it easy in any of his bouts.

“I can only give it my all,” said Palacios. “I’m an aggressive fighter. I go all out every round, it doesn’t matter. The only thing is I’ve got to pick up my cardio and my condition. I’ve never been in a tournament, so I don’t know how I’ll feel, so I’m just preparing really, really, hard for it.”

When it comes to the technical match-ups, being unsure of who he’ll be facing in any given bout, Palacios has his attention shifted towards his preparations and not so much towards what his possible opponents will be doing.

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“I’m just focused on putting in my work, getting down my weight, taking care of the main things I’m taking care of,” Palacios said. “Every fight is different, so I’ve got to prepare every aspect of the fight from wrestling to Muay Thai to boxing – I’ve got to prepare for everything.”

Should Palacios be healthy enough to compete again in 2017, he’d very much like to, otherwise he’s looking forward to claiming a Combate Americas championship in 2018.

‘If I come out of the tournament feeling good and ready to go, if I could get something in December that would be awesome,” said Palacios. “I’m aiming for that Combate title. That is something I do want. If anything I want to negotiate getting to that title fight.”

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