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Rising Up From The Ashes: CagePotato Lives!

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Well, nothing lasts forever in this world. There are times when you have to cash in your cards and begin the process of stepping back, licking your wounds, and moving on to the next journey in life. But it seems like that time isn’t now for Cage Potato. Yes, yes, we said were planning to step away from the editorial world and pack up shop, but you know what, all the writers, supporters, and fans of the website aren’t yet ready to give up and throw in the towel, so why should we?

You may have read last month’s PSA and thought that we’d be going away for good. But where there’s a glimmer of hope, even one ember of the fire still burning true, we had to consider whether or not we’d stoke the that ember into a flame or allow it to be snuffed out. Luckily for us, and the Nation at large, option A was still open to us. We’re giving things one last go around before calling it a day.

Though the last few months may have seen article posting down and it seemed that all was lost, CagePotato is back and we’re planning for our content to be better than ever. With things heating up in the MMA world you can bet we’ll be more than prepared to bring you up to date coverage as well as opinionated editorial pieces that are sure to create some interesting buzz.

So no, we’re not riding off into that sunset. Instead we’re jump starting things again because we can’t get enough of what this community offers. Unabashed enthusiasm for MMA. That and the occasional unabashed vicious vitriolic verbal abuse that has made this website flourish. Thank you, Nation. You’ve breathed new life into this fading star. And by star, we mean ….View full article

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