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Road FC fighter performs moonsault off the cage

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Those in attendance for Saturday’s Road FC event in Seoul, South Korea may have thought they stumbled into a New Japan Pro Wrestling tour show.

Michael Pereira showed his best attribute is arguably his athleticism. The wild man fought Dae Sung Kim at Road FC 52 and did just about everything he could to become a viral video legend.

Early in the round, Pereira attempted a standing moonsault double stomp to his grounded opponent. This earned him a warning from the referee. He later knocked his opponent to the mat with a spinning kick and followed up with a failed Superman leap onto his foe.

Eager to top himself, Pereira scaled the fence and grabbed hold of the top of the cage. He proceeded to perform a moonsault — a back flip splash often performed off the top rope in professional wrestling — onto Kim. Pereira over shot the land and flipped over the length of his opponent’s body.

Resorting to a more traditional fight style, Pereira finished the fight later in the round with a shorty barrage of knees against the fence.

It was no Showtime Kick, but Pereira’s moonsault was definitely something.

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