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ROAD FC scraps 10-point must system, implements ‘Unlimited Points System’ for MMA judging

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ROAD Fighting Championship is proud to announce a new and revolutionary system for the judging of MMA competition. As part of the increasing global expansion strategy, ROAD FC has created the “Unlimited Points System.”

This new judging criteria is merit-based and will provide a more accurate account of a fighter’s performance than the out-dated “10 point must” system. It will reward exciting and aggressive fighters while penalizing those who repeatedly stall or avoid action. The “Unlimited Points System” will deliver the kind of non-stop, thrilling action for which fans are now clamoring.

In this system, points will be awarded for specific action and activity. One point will be given for a clear strike, takedown, near submission, full mont or back mount position, clear control on the ground, and aggression. Five points will be awarded for a knock down.

Penalties will be assessed by the referee. A yellow card for fouls will incur a five point deduction. A blue card worth a two point deduction will be introduced for the purpose of eliminating stalling and avoidance, standing and on the ground.

All points will be accumulated through the entire fight, not round by round, therefore a performance throughout the entire bout will determine the clear winner. The “Unlimited Points System” will be in operation starting at he next event, ROAD FC 027 in China on 26 December.

“This operational change is not made solely to be different from other organizations and create a competitive advantage,” said Chief of Operations Kwon Young-Bok. “ROAD FC is an Asian promotion and we are reflecting the Asian sentiment to the world. Now people all around the world can experience action based on the advice of many experts and fighters, which is ‘New Wave MMA.'”

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