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Ronda Rousey Booked for UFC 207 Against Amanda Nunes

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Maybe it was just the hater inside of us that was hoping Ronda Rousey would never fight again. The thought of the “queen” of mixed martial arts disappearing from the sport after getting head-kicked into oblivion by Holly Holm seemed more entertaining than seeing her return—especially after all this time.

It’s been 331 days since that fateful night, when the then-undefeated Judoka got her first taste of real adversity in the Octagon. And since then, everyone, even those who don’t consider themselves fans of MMA, wondered when (and if) she would take another fight.

Everyone seemed to be in agreement that she should get back on the horse, but considering her “fuck them all” attitude, would she ever get around to trying?

UFC president Dana White, on today’s episode of “The Herd,” finally answered the million-dollar question. Yes, Ronda Rousey will return at UFC 207 against current bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes on December 30.

Will she leave that awful coach of hers? Will she get back to her winning ways? If she losses, will she retire? If she wins, will she fight Holly again? So. Many. Questions.

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