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Royce Gracie Is Facing Some Serious Financial Charges, You Guys

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(And pays 100% under-the-table!!)

When first taking in the idea of seeing 49 year old Royce Gracie and 51 year old Ken Shamrock do battle in the Bellator arena, I was struck with a rather obvious, yet repeatedly forgotten realization. Mainly, that former greats of MMA (or any sport, really, but *especially* MMA) only decide to put the gloves back on for 1 of 3 reasons:

1. They feel that they’ve still got something to prove, a belt/championship to attain, an spouse’s face to rub it in, etc.

2. They miss it.

3. They’re broke.

In the case of Royce Gracie, who will be returning from a 9 year, steroid-shamed absence from the sport at Bellator 149, it’s become apparent recently that his motivations lie closer to #3 than #1.

Duh, right? I mean, why else would someone — especially someone entering the era of osteoporosis — put their health on the line for something as undignified as a Bellator pay-per-view?

(*checks earpiece*) (*learns that Bellator 149 will in fact be broadcast on Spike TV*) (*cries*)

Needless to say, upon waking from the shame eruption blackout I suffered following that announcement, I immediately began running down my list of options. It couldn’t be that Gracie still felt he had something to prove — he was, after all, up 1-0-1 over Shamrock, rendering a trilogy fight all but pointless — and I don’t necessarily think that he found himself looking at how evolved and well-rounded the average fighter is nowadays and saying aloud, “Gee, I miss never being able to do that,” either.

It had to be money, right? What else could draw a man who belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of the sport out of hiding at 50 goddamn years old?!!!

Well, and you know how much I hate to say this, it appears that ….View full article

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