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Russia extradites kickboxer suspected of murder back to Ukraine

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According to Ukrainian media reports which cited Nadezhda Maksimets, the media relations officer to the Prosecutor General’s Office in Kyiv, Vadim Olenchik was arrested in January 2019 by Russian Interpol officers on suspicion of carjacking and murder committed in Kyiv.

According to reports, Olenchik strangled a Russian man with a towel at a nightclub in Kyiv and robbed him of his money, telephone, and vehicle. According to Maksimets, “The deceased worked as the CFO of a pharmaceutical company. When he did not come to work, his colleagues went to his home, broke the door and found the body.”

The Prosecutor General’s Office then filed a request to extradite him back to Ukraine to be prosecuted. The request was granted on August 2 and the extradition process was completed last week.

”As for today, Solomensky district court of Kyiv granted the application of Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office #9 on his detention for 60 days without a right for a bail. The suspect does not plead guilty but his involvement in the crime confirmed by investigative actions and expert studies,” Nadia Maksymets, the Spokesperson of Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office reported.

Olenchik held a 3-0 amateur MMA record, which included a tournament victory at the 2017 Bukovel Cup. He is also a five-time Ukrainian champion in Thai boxing and also took part in kickboxing tournaments.

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