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Sage Northcutt opens up about training at Tristar Gym, cutting back on college

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It’s been a whirlwind ride for Sage Northcutt. The 19-year old seems to have been shot out of canon long before his UFC debut at UFC 192 this month, but things have taken another turn since then.

A recent report suggested the UFC lightweight will spend some time training in Canada at the famed Tristar Gym in Montreal. This week, Northcutt confirmed the news with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

Business has officially picked up.

“Yes, sir. That’s true,” Northcutt said Monday. “I leave tomorrow morning, actually, to go to Canada.” Judging by his Twitter updates, he’s now already there.

According to Northcutt, he can’t just up and move to Canada. He’s got a home life to worry about for the foreseeable future, but he also wants to take the time to see what Tristar Gym is all about while he thinks about his future.

“Really, I’m just going up there to check it out and see how it goes, see if it’s a fit for me, but my jiu-jitsu coach right now is Chris Mango and Ted Stickel in Gracie Barra in Katy. They’re awesome. I also have school, too, so I can’t go up there and actually live there. I’m ….View original article