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Sanchez calls for GSP vs McGregor title bout at 165 lbs

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Georges St-Pierre vs Conor McGregor? Diego Sanchez says that should happen at 165 lbs.

Georges St-Pierre is a two-division champion and one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. The 36-year-old has taken some time off and is focusing on his health after relinquishing his UFC middleweight belt, but he has already been talking about a possible return at a different division.

A visibly leaner GSP stated that he has already lost a lot of that weight he had to force himself to gain when he competed at 185 lbs, and suggested that he can drop back down to 170 or even 155 lbs.

That of course is the home of another two-division champion in Conor McGregor, and it’s a match up between two massive stars that fans and even fellow fighters have discussed. According to Diego Sanchez though, it should happen at 165 lbs, and it should be for a new UFC title.

@thenotoriousmma come on brother we need 165lb weight you have the power with @ufc and @danawhite to make it happen! #first3divisionchampionfight and winner goes down as the #realgoat #millions #thesportneedsthisweightclass @georgesstpierre talks 155 165 is realistic #makeithappen @audieattar #historyinthemaking

A post shared by Diego Sanchez (@diegonightmaresanchezufc) on Mar 6, 2018 at 11:23am PST

That fight would indeed make everyone involved a lot of money, but while a “three-division champion” sounds like a great achievement, it doesn’t really make much sense right now. This is especially true with the UFC not seemingly interested in tinkering with their divisions just yet, and St-Pierre saying he can possibly go down to Conor’s own weight class.

As for why Sanchez is also calling for this, it’s simple. Diego is a bit of an in-betweener that has seesawed across multiple divisions, but would be a far better fit at 165. McGregor himself is said to have suggested a similar 165 lb title fight, but allegedly against a featherweight in Frankie Edgar. If true, that would’ve made even less sense.

That being said, there really is a case to be made for eventually adding a 165 lb division and moving welterweight from 170 to 175 lbs. That would mean closer, more uniform, ten pound separations from 125 up to 185 lbs. The talent pool would also seem to be able to support it (unlike adding a 195 lb division), and there would be another potentially marketable UFC champion on the roster.

It seems like a good move to properly build that weight class in the future, but not as much if it involves booking two guys who are unlikely to stay in the division and defend that new belt.

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