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Scorecard reveals Brad Pickett would have beaten Vera had he lasted one more minute

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community news, Scorecard reveals Brad Pickett would have beaten Vera had he lasted one more minute

Brad Pickett would have walked away victorious in his retirement fight had he lasted just over a minute more against Marlon Vera. That is unless Vera scored an unlikely 10-8 round in the final frame, which would have still only resulted in a draw.

Brad Pickett was officially just over a minute away from a win at UFC Fight Night 107 on Saturday at The O2 Arena in London, England — or at the very least, a draw.

Barring a 10-8 round for his opponent, Marlon Vera (which wasn’t likely, going by how the third round was playing out), Pickett would have won a decision in the final fight of his veteran career and walked away on a high note, the bout’s official scorecard revealed. Going into the third round, two judges had “One Punch” up 20-18, while the third judge had it even at 19-19.

If the fight went the distance and Pickett won the third round, he would have won a unanimous decision. If the fight went the distance and Vera won the third round, Pickett would have edged out a split decision victory. And even if Vera scored a 10-8 on multiple judges’ scorecards, the bout still would have had resulted in only a majority or split draw — which is still better than a loss.

What happened at the 1:10 mark of the third and final round reiterated something that many fans often say: anything can happen in mixed martial arts. With only a little more than a minute remaining, a Vera win seemed unlikely. Vera had one way to win, and one way only — he had to finish Pickett. And he did.

He landed a devastating head kick and forced the referee to intervene, silencing Pickett’s hometown crowd.

Not everything has a happy ending, and the mixed martial arts gods certainly didn’t want Pickett’s career to have a story-book ending.

At least the bantamweight pioneer can say he was just over a minute away from riding off into the sunset victorious. That doesn’t sound too bad.

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