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Scott Coker unsure if he’d bring Bellator title fight to California with new weight-cutting rules

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California’s new weight-cutting regulations are giving Bellator MMA pause.

Promotion president Scott Coker told MMA Fighting in a recent sitdown that he is “concerned” about the stricter rules on weight cutting and dehydration and is unsure about bringing a big title fight to California in the future.

“I think that they’re reacting, but I think the consequences could be impacting, like how do you feel comfortable bringing a title fight here that has to make a certain weight on a certain date?” Coker said. “It’s gonna be tough. They have their job to do, but we have our job to do as well.”

Earlier this month, the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) passed a package of new, emergency rules regarding the extreme weight cuts prevalent in mixed martial arts. CSAC banned IVs to rehydrate, lengthened the potential time between weigh-ins and the fight and made severe dehydration a strict thing doctors must look for on fight day.

The latter thing seems to be the most disconcerting for Coker. The Bellator boss, who lives in San Jose, Calif., and typically runs a good amount of shows in the state, does not want to be put in a tough position if a doctor pulls the plug on one of his top fights at the 11th hour.

“I’m perfectly fine with what [CSAC executive officer Andy Foster is] implementing and I hope it’s something that can evolve,” Coker said. “But as a promoter, if fighter X shows up, fighter Z shows up, we have national TV there — and then, oh, the fight is off? You’re .002 over [on the test] and the doctor says you can’t fight? It could be really problematic for us. I’m gonna talk to Andy about it. I’m sure it’ll all work out.

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