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Second-Round Slump: A List of Fights Holly Holm Doesn’t Want to Mirror in Her Next Bout

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So everyone from that bastion of good judgment Jon Jones to Miesha “twice-tapped” Tate is all up on Holly Holm’s jock after her beat-down of the woman who was considered the greatest fighter on the planet, oh, just a week ago.

For now, Ronda Rousey can enjoy her spot on the bench next to Colin Kaepernick, Tim Tebow and Machine Gun Kelly, while the world hoists Holm high up on her pedestal. For at least the next six months, anyway.

Holm may have solved the Rubik’s Cube in record time, but as any Seattle Seahawks fan knows, what goes around comes around, and Holm and her team might be one UFC PPV event away from their Pete Carroll “WTF did I just do?” moment.

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She wouldn’t be the first to fold under the pressure. History is full of one-hit wonders, (yes, bandwagonners, I know she enjoyed a robust boxing and kickboxing career first) so Holm may not want to line up too many movie roles and magazine cover appearances just yet.

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