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Sioux Falls Lifts MMA Ban, South Dakota Now Much Cooler Than New York City

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On Tuesday night the City Council of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, repealed its decade-old ban on mixed martial arts, joining most of the civilized world in admitting that MMA is probably not going to destroy society. When I say “most of the civilized world,” I’m excluding New York, of course, which has managed to turn itself from the center of the world into a cultural backwater and a reactionary laughingstock by refusing, over and over again, to legalize a sport that every other state in the union, most reasonable countries in the world, and now the tiny town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, have, like adults, come to terms with.

The Sioux Falls ordinance, written by Council Member Christine Erickson, lifts a 2005 ban on “ultimate fighting” shows at publicly owned venues or parks in the city, including the 13,000-seat Denny Sanford Premier Center, the city’s biggest arena. That law was passed during MMA’s far more chaotic days, when fear was rampant and regulation was rare, especially in smaller markets. But now South Dakota has an athletic commission and MMA stars are in the movies, so the nine members of the Council decided that the time ….View original article