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So Fedor Emelianenko’s Return Opponent Has Been Revealed And He’s…Not Good

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(via Super Fight League)
Look, I don’t know what we were expecting when it was announced that Fedor Emelianenko would be un-retiring from MMA — shattering a decades old CagePotato ban in the process — to take on a mystery opponent hand-picked by the sketchy Japanese businessman for the low, low rate of two and a half million dollars. I mean, once you rule out the UFC and Bellator heavyweight rosters, who are you even left with? Jeff Monson? Sergei Kharitonov? The guy who shivved Alex Emelianenko in the showers last month?
But even ruling out the Monson’s and Ishii’s that Fedo has already beaten, you’d think that the man worthy of bringing “The Last Emperor” out of retirement would at least have one of the following:
-Name/Nostalgia value
-A professional record of at least 5 fights
-A win in the last two years
Based on how I just phrased that, how many of those attributes do you think Emelianenko’s opponent has?
The answer, as it just so happens, is LOLOLOLOLOL NONE YOU DUMMIES. That’s because it was revealed earlier today that Emelianenko will be taking on Singh Jaideep in his return to the sport on New Year’s Eve in Japan.
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