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So much to give thanks for in 2015, but let’s focus on these…

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The year 2015 will go down as one of the more important ones in MMA history, with everything from the unveiling of the Reebok fighter kits to USADA presenting pee cups to off-the-clock fighters to Duane Ludwig’s bootleg peanut butter being sold over the counter…the truth is, it’s been a pretty freaking historic year.

But other things occurred this year that we should be thankful for. Too much incredible sh*t to recount in one half-cocked column, really. Yet since today is all about handing out thanks, here are a few items that I’ve personally narrowed down within the mixed techniques, hopefully worthy of a little of your gratitude.

Won’t you join me in giving thanks to…

(Courtesy of Dan Henderson’s Twitter)

The Old Dudes
Forget for a second that the entire UFC heavyweight division is on average older than John Belushi was at his time of death, most are spring chickens next to Dan Henderson, Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie. Henderson is 45 years old and still drinking cocktails out of coconuts, which is of course a tribute to his mettle — but he’s also still fighting. His career has become an ellipsis that is trailing off into unknown ….View original article

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