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So the UFC is Not For Sale… You Wanna Bet on That?

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UFC Not for Sale - Wanna Bet?

The UFC is not for sale you say? But you’d perk up and take notice at $4 billion you say? How’d you like to bet on that Mr. White?

Good news, you can!

Ever since ESPN reported that there were several suitors in advanced talks, bidding for ownership of the UFC, UFC president Dana White has been making the rounds, trying to douse the flames, telling anyone who will listen, “No, the UFC is not for sale!”

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Some people believe him, some don’t, but now you can actually put your money where Dana White’s mouth is.

Online betting outfit is taking action on whether or not the UFC will be sold in 2016, and you can even wager on the over/under for its sale price. Check it out:

Will the UFC be sold in 2016?

Yes: +150 (3/2)
No: -200 (1/2)

**Majority Stake in the Company must be sold for Yes to be graded the winner.

How much will the UFC be sold for?

Over/Under: $3.99 Billion

**Must be sold in 2016 for Action.

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