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Sugar Ray Leonard: McGregor vs. Mayweather is ‘the fight of a lifetime,’ and also ‘garbage’

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Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard gave his thoughts on Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin, as well as the double-edged sword that is Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor.

Boxing fans have a couple of megafights on the horizon. Or, at least one megafight and one strange bit of combat fantasy potentially come to life. Gennady Golovkin is set to fight Canelo Alvarez on September 16th. It’s a bout that just about everyone can get excited about. Two of the sport’s best set to face off in something relatively close to the prime of their careers.

In a recent interview with Fight Hub TV, legendary champion Sugar Ray Leonard had nothing but praise for seeing that bout put together.

“Well, Canelo… I mean, Canelo’s my man,” Leonard said, when asked who he’d favor in the fight, “but I like Triple-G. That fight is going to be based on, again, once again, who fights their fight. Canelo doesn’t have to be a middleweight, he just has to go in there and fight his fight.”

“But let me say this, the fact that these kind of fights here, against these opponents… This is what boxing is all about. When you, you may have a favorite, but you’re not sure. You wouldn’t bet your house on it. You know what I mean? That makes a fight.”

“You know, that’s what makes boxing ‘boxing,’ man,” Leonard continued. “When there’s like a 50% or 45… You know, you don’t know. You have a feeling, but you just don’t know. “

The other huge fight making waves in the boxing world? Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. While it’s nowhere near as much a done deal as Canelo vs. GGG, the Mayweather vs. McGregor bout has been a dividing point among fans and pundits. It seems set to be a money making juggernaut that everyone will show up for, while at the same time feeling like a competitive farce. And that’s a contradiction that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Leonard.

“To boxing purists, it’s garbage,” Leonard said of McGregor vs. Mayweather. “But, to just fans in general, it’s the fight of a lifetime. Because there’s a mixture of… Let me put it this way: If they box, who wins? Mayweather wins. If they ‘fight’ fight, McGregor wins.”

The fight itself still has a long way to go before anyone can be sure it’s actually happening. But it seems certain to continue drawing criticism and eyes all along the way.

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