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Super Bowl 2020: Opening Night was a spectacle, as expected

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MIAMI — Super Bowl week is largely an exercise in excess, and no event drives that point home quite like the spectacle that is Opening Night.

Marlins Park got a rare taste of postseason activity Monday night, with the Chiefs’ and 49ers’ marquee players taking turns at podiums in the center of the field, swarmed by television cameras and iPhones held at full extension. The rest of the players milled about, taking questions and participating in various stunts around the perimeter. Fans in makeshift stands looked on from above and chanted for their favorite teams and players. Others stood around the outside begging for signatures on hats, balls and jerseys. Mascots gyrated and the University of Miami marching band performed. Classic stuff.

There were some important questions asked, as players and coaches from the NFL’s two Super Bowl teams faced an overstuffed media scrum. From the impact Kobe Bryant had on athletes, to the advancement of minority coaches, to Tyreek Hill’s past domestic violence incidents, to the rumors about a new CBA that may or may not expand the season to 17 games. Many worthy topics, deserving of thoughtful answers, were just sitting there.

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