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Sweepstakes bout to face CM Punk is just about the damdest thing you’ll see

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LAS VEGAS – Shudder to think, but it very well could have been any of us on the chronicling side of things to get plucked from a media scrum and stuck into a cage to fight for the right to face CM Punk. It ended up being Mike Jackson, a Houston-based journalist-cum-prizefighter, who found himself answering questions on Wednesday about a fight coming up he still can’t believe he’s taking part in. When asked what in the actual hell was going on, Jackson shrugged his shoulders and wondered aloud if it weren’t a big hoax.

The truth is, nobody’s real sure. The one certainty seems to be it’s happening. Of all the media members that have badgered Dana White over the years, Jackson is the first who will take off his shirt and let his hands fly for a betting public.

How to explain Saturday night’s UFC Fight Night 82 preliminary fight between Jackson and Mickey Gall, the latter a 1-0 fighter who was discovered when White and his crew swung east to film Lookin’ For a Fight? Gall won his one and only pro fight when White was cageside in Philly a couple months back, and had the foresight to call out CM Punk, a famous pro wrestler-turned-mixed martial artist who has never competed in an MMA bout. Is this all a big joke? I should think not. The promotion Gall was fighting on that night was called “Dead Serious.”

If you’re keeping track, that’s one combined pro fight between a trio of MMA greenhorns — one a pro wrestler, one a journalist, and one just some dude the wind kicked up. Just what are we playing at here?

And is any of this registering to Jackson (0-0), who showed up with a piece of black tape over the Lacoste ….View full article

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