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T.J. Dillashaw responds to Demetrious Johnson’s statements: ‘Don’t be scared!’

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T.J. Dillashaw is still trying to goad Demetrious Johnson into taking a fight with him.

T.J. Dillashaw isn’t going to give up easily. The former UFC bantamweight champion was supposed to fight Cody Garbrandt for the title this summer, but Garbrandt was forced out with an injury. This led Dillashaw to challenge flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson to a fall fight instead. While it would seem like a solid bout on the surface, Johnson doesn’t think Dillashaw deserves to skip the line at 125 to get a title shot and has steadfastly refused to sign up for it.

Today, Johnson went off about the situation, saying the UFC threatened to disband the entire flyweight division if he wouldn’t take the fight. Mighty Mouse isn’t going to back down though, and essentially decided to call the UFC’s bluff. After all of this, Dillashaw is no closer to getting the fight he wants. So why not take to social media to try to goad Johnson into fighting with a few insults?

I think he meant to say Minnie Mouse, but we get the idea. Dillashaw has indeed taken fights on 24 hours of notice – he famously took on Joe Soto when Renan Barao was a last-minute scratch at UFC 177 in 2014. But I hardly think Johnson is about to take a stand against his employer, just to fall victim to a few jabs in his direction from another fighter. In other words, Dillashaw will have to do better than that if he wants the 125-pound title shot he covets.

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