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Tank Abott and Dan Severn Have Joined Forces For the Mother of All Freakshow Fights

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Not to sound selfish, but the recent near-death of Dada 5000 following his Bellator 149 scrap with Kimbo Slice has really taken a lot of fun out of this whole “freakshow fight” concept. Up until that (nearly) fateful evening in February, the fact is that freakshow fights had produced nothing but wholesome, entertaining, and legitimate results LITERALLY 100 PERCENT OF THE TIME. Now, we’ve been forced to act all “thoughtful” and “humane” each time one of them is booked like a bunch of vegan hipster pussies.

Thank God there are still “real” men and “real” promotions out there who don’t give a f*ck about things like safety regulations and common sense, or our sport would probably have fallen prey to Bernie Sanders’ socialist PC zeitgeist libtard pacifist gun control bureaugamy by now. We’re talking about men like Tank Abbott and Dan Severn, and promotions like UR Fight, the latter of which recently booked the two aging UFC vets to throw down as part of what may very well be the most insane event ever scheduled. ‘Murica!

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You see, while the Reebok-endorsed feminazi colony of bruised-footed namby-pambys known as the UFC can barely scrape together one decent main event for the average card, UR Fight has gone ahead and booked FOUR main events for its inaugural pay-per-view on March 20th. Count ‘em, four.

MAIN EVENT #1: Former boxing great Roy Jones Jr. vs. a fan 5-3 MMA fighter Vyron Phillips, in a boxing match with $100,000 on the line if Phillips wins

MAIN EVENT #2: Ray Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle in professional wrestling match

MAIN EVENT #3: Michael Bisping vs. Chael Sonnen in ….View full article

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