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Technique Talk: The return of the guillotine choke and future of jiu-jitsu innovation

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Something interesting is happening with the guillotine choke.

In The Ultimate Fighter-era of MMA, it was a powerful weapon used at the highest levels of unarmed combat. As defense to the choke improved, however, it’s effectiveness became badly compromised. By 2011, according to Fight Metric, guillotine choke attempts in the UFC were only successful 11 percent of the time they were tried.

However, changes were being made long before 2011, innovations that only now seem to be bearing fruit. While the conventional guillotine was in decline, adaptations to it in the form of grip, position, squeeze and pressure points were blossoming. By 2015, while the number of guillotine attempts have declined, the rate of successful attempts of the guillotine have nearly doubled.

Most importantly, they’ve been used to settle high-level grudge matches between top contenders in the case of Charles Oliveira vs. Nik Lentz or even to capture the UFC heavyweight title. The guillotine choke is not as pervasive as it once was, but when it appears today, it’s significantly more deadly.

What happened to the guillotine choke? Who is responsible for its improvement? What does its improvement say about the future of jiu-jitsu innovation?

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