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Texas has released Kimbo Slice’s pre-fight medical documents from Bellator 149

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Here’s a little more information for those seeking answers regarding Kimbo Slice’s death four months after an MMA fight.

The death of Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice last year at the tragic age of 42 shocked the world, and the MMA community in particular. That’s on account of his participation in a fight against Dhafir Harris aka Dada 5000 at a Texas Bellator event a mere four months earlier. The fight, which drew record viewing numbers on SpikeTV, was already mired in controversy after it was revealed that Harris suffered cardiac arrest and renal failure during the fight.

Questions regarding the licensing procedures in Texas followed, with some wondering whether Bellator or the state commission had overlooked obvious issues with the high profile fight when they signed off on it. Dada 5000 nearly died in the cage. Kimbo Slice died months later. Aren’t commission medical tests supposed to pick up on stuff like this before allowing a fighter to compete?

Thanks to Bloody Elbow, we can now look over Slice’s pre-fight medical documents to see if there were any signs of the tragedy to come. Here’s what they found:

Ferguson’s heart rate was listed as 66 beats per minute, while at rest. After activity – in this case ‘20 hops’ – Ferguson’s heart rate was listed as 70 beats per minute. After two minutes rest, his heart rate was measured at 68 beats per minute. The Mayo Clinic considers these heart rates ‘normal’ for an adult.

In Part 2 of the medical examination paperwork, in the section marked for heart murmurs and arrhythmia, the physician wrote ‘2/6′. A heart murmur graded 2/6 is considered a ‘slight murmur’ which is ‘soft but readily detected.’ If observed without other symptoms of poor heart health, a 2/6 heart murmur could be classified as an ‘innocent heart murmur’ and require no medical care. If a physician is concerned that a heart murmur is ‘abnormal’ they are likely to recommend further tests, such as a chest x-ray or an electrocardiogram (EKG).

Bloody Elbow is still working to get a copy of Slice’s EKG results, as well as the name of a medication the fighter was on that wasn’t disclosed in the paperwork provided. But aside from the documentation claiming Slice had only been knocked out once in his fighting career, the rest seems pretty straight forward and uncontroversial. If there was wrongdoing on anyone’s part, it’s not revealed here.


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