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Thanh Le Starting His Rampage at Friday’s LFA 3

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Thanh Le - LFA

Though circumstances have led to featherweight prospect Thanh Le not being as busy as he’d previously been over the past couple of years, nonetheless he feels it’s been the best time of his career.

What has helped make up for the lack of fights has been experienced learned on The Ultimate Fighter 22, as well as an emphasized approach on growth as a fighter of late.

“I had a great experience with the teams, the guys in the house, learning from the coaches on my side and (Conor) McGregor’s side,” Le told MMAWeekly.com. “Just seeing how everyone approaches training, getting ready for fights, approaching opponents. It was great insight to big teams, big names, in the UFC.

“I learned a lot. Training has been excellent, networking and all that stuff has been phenomenal, so it’s definitely been the best two years of my career.”

Le feels the advancements he’s made outside the cage has been much more productive for his career in the long run than if he had just been focused on fights themselves of late.

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“I’m the kind of guy who likes to stay a little more active,” said Le. “The developmental side, taking the time and doing a lot more skill building, working with the guys on my team, it has definitely been worth the wait.

“The skill building and experience definitely outweighs the lack of fights. I can’t wait to get the fights rolling, get a bunch under my belt, and keep moving my way up the ranks.”

Le (5-1) will step up to the biggest challenge of his career so far when he takes on veteran Alex Black (11-4) in a main card 145-pound bout at Legacy Fighting Alliance 3 this Friday in Lake Charles, La.

“He’s experienced, so he’ll be calm and composed in the cage, so we’re ready for a strategy battle,” Le said of Black. “He’s definitely a different style fighter. He’s very slick in his movement. He tries to approach the game and the fight in his strengths, which any good fighter would, and we’ll do the same.

“He’ll stand-up a little bit, strike a little bit, before he starts diving at feet and things like that. I welcome the takedown and welcome showing everyone what I have on the ground, but striking is my bread and butter, so if he’ll stand and strike with me a little bit, we’ll definitely have fun there.”

Looking ahead to 2017, Le is determined to take the lessons he’s learned of late and apply them to a much busier schedule and move his career forward in big ways this year.

“In 2017, we just want to stay busy with fights,” he said. “We want to move up in the ranks. I want this LFA belt.

“As quickly as possible, we can get fights and move up the ranks, I’ll be happy. The more people we put down, the better. We’re going to try to get on a roll and go on a rampage.”

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