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The ambiguity of stakes in the Conor McGregor-Nate Diaz sequel goes into its beauty

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One of the classic moments during this UFC 202 fight week was when Nate Diaz, fresh off a Cypress Hill-fueled shadow-boxing display that was dubbed an “open workout,” was asked if he would consider throwing this the rematch with Conor McGregor just to ensure there would be a trilogy fight. Diaz smiled politely and played with his knuckles a bit, before saying, “I’m here to win, straight up — you can’t pay me to lose.” The question was ludicrous, of course, completely insane in the membrane. You can’t ask a competitor like Nate if he’d consider taking a dive. It’s absurd. That man should have been escorted out. What poppycock.

But, you know, that sort of thing gets you to thinking…

What exactly is at stake Saturday night’s main event? If Diaz beats McGregor again, he will seize a chunk of Ireland and do away with a trilogy fight (in all likelihood, you never know when McGregor will demand a best of seven). At that point, he’d go back into the pasture he’s been toiling in for last 10 years. He will be paid more, for sure, and his fights will take on a different sheen for a little while. There might even be a title shot in his near future, though (to his way of thinking) that whole belt thing has been dispelled as a bit of hocus pocus. But there likely won’t be another fight that’s big as in McGregor Big.

It’s at least possible that Saturday night is the high-water mark of Diaz’s career.

It’s an odd set-up. McGregor has been throwing around the trilogy word for the last couple of weeks as if that third fight is inevitable. It’s really just reinforced positive thinking, as McGregor is projecting that the series will be knotted at ….View full article

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