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The best of retired Michael Bisping staredowns

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Michael Bisping is known for his unapologetic brashness and his love of a good war of words. The UFC veteran and former middleweight champion announced his retirement this week, leaving the sport due to recurring eye problems.

It’s a sad time for fans of dramatic staredowns, as Bisping always brought his A-game when it came to pre-fight dramatics. His finger pointing could not be matched, and believe you me, a nice love punch to the gut is always in order.

Who knows if Bisping’s retirement is for certain, as you never know when retirements in MMA are the real deal. Either way, it gives us an excuse to look back on some of the great stare-downs that Michael Bisping has been a part of.

What are some of your favorite Michael Bisping staredowns, and who would be your dream match-up in an all-out staredown showcase? You can watch video of his best staredowns at the top of the page.

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