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The competitive triangle of Daniel Cormier, Alexander Gustafsson and Jon Jones is extraordinary

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Daniel Cormier came out to do his UFC 192 post-fight press conference with a mouse under his eye, cuts on his face and a potentially broken foot hiding under the dais. Still, he spoke in a clear-headed, one might even say neighborly voice to the media that waited him out late into the night in Houston. He answered every question thoughtfully and rationally. He said he respected the hell out of Alexander Gustafsson, the man who gave him the lumps on Saturday night, that Gustafsson’s ability to absorb punishment — to transmit it to the endless pool of his resolve — left him astonished as he slammed uppercuts into his chin from the clinch. Gustafsson, of course, was at the hospital. His face was far worse off than Cormier’s. No enswell was going to do away with the marks of Cormier’s masterpiece. The fight was a classic from horn to horn, Plastic Man dealing with an anvil come to life, brutality and beauty — and as classics go it was a hazardous, unsustainable, defiant of all common sense. Both men dished and both men received. Neither would yield an inch. One man had to win, and that ended up being ….View original article