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The MMA Circus: The Clown Kid’s Return

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Episode 123 of The MMA Circus features … its two co-hosts, Nick Baldwin and Andrew Lawrence. That’s it.

EPISODE 123: The MMA Circus, hosted by Nick Baldwin and Andrew Lawrence, is back for your listening pleasure.

It seemed like the Jed Meshew takeover was all but complete, but after finally recovering from the consequences of 4th of July festivities, Andrew is back — and back in style. Andrew didn’t want his return episode to be full of guest interviews (he wanted the spotlight to be on him … what’s new?), and he can seemingly demand whatever he wants, because there are no guests on Ep. 123 of The MMA Circus. Nick thinks it’s a cursed episode, while Andrew thinks it’s a dream come true. But we want you to decide for yourself, so sit back, relax, and listen to the two co-hosts chat about the latest in mixed martial arts — and much, much more — for an hour and a half.

Discussion Topics:

  • SnoopCast
  • UFC Fight Night 114 recap
  • Why gaps in the UFC schedule are good
  • Rizin FF
  • Gets It/Doesn’t Get It

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Nick Baldwin: @NickBaldwinMMA

Andrew Lawrence: @TheClownKid


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