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The MMA Depressed-us: Francis Ngannou vs. Derek Lewis

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The UFC has been running non-stop this summer, but they’ve finally given us a minor break in the action. And as always, that means it’s time to fill the break with more fights. But, not good fights, we get enough of those already. This is the time for the best of the worst. This week on the MMA Depressed-us we’re re-watching a ‘good-bad’ fight between James McSweeney & Darrill Schoonover, a ‘bad-bad’ fight between Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva & Ricco Rodriguez, and a ‘disappointing’ fight between Francis Ngannou & Derrick Lewis.

Each video is up on fight pass (although you’ll need to look up UFC 226, click the event, and scroll down to Lewis/Ngannou and click ‘watch’ to see that one). And we’re starting right at the beginning of each video, so there’s no need to sync up beyond hitting play when we count down. So you can follow along with us and see just what the hell we’re talking about.

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