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The Ultimate Fighter 28 Episode 4 Recap: Team Whittaker Picks Up First Win

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The Ultimate Fighter 28 Episode 4 Recap: Team Whittaker Picks Up First Win

Heading into episode 4 of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavy Hitters, Team Gastelum was unbeaten through three fights, but Team Whittaker got on the board when Julija Stoliarenko faced Marcia Allen. In the comeback of the season thus far, Stoliarenko was able to survive and endure heavy damage in the early going to get Team Whittaker their first win of the season.

The Fight: Julija Stoliarenko vs. Marcia Allen

The two met in the middle of the octagon and exchanged immediately.  Stoliarenko changed levels and looked to take Allen down but Allen sprawled.  Stoliarenko opted to pull guard.  Allen delivered hammer fist after hammer fist.  The referee looked on closely as Stoliarenko’s head bounced off the canvas with each strike landed. 

Stoliarenko created enough space to get back to her feet.  She changed levels and drove forward to secure a takedown.  She delivered punches before mounting Allen.  She quickly isolated an arm and spun to lock on an armbar.  She extended the arm and Allen was forced to tap out. 

“I wanted to strike with her first and then get enough angles to take her down and submit her on the ground, but I have heard from her other opponents that she is going to aggressively attack in on the first few seconds, so I am going to shoot for her straight. She actually defended pretty well from my first shot and instead of standing up I was too lazy and I just tried to play from the ground. I stood up and got her to the ground and eliminated her,” said Stoliarenko following the win.

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“Julija vs. Marciea was a tough fight I think Julija made it much harder then it needed to be. Julija took Marciea down controlled her on the ground, finished her with an armbar. I was confident in Julija’s skill sets but I do believe she made it much harder then she needed it to be,” said coach Whittaker after his first team win. 

“Overall I am happy with the team pick and being on team Gastelum. We knew my opponent coming into this fight she was going to go for a take down and the armbar. That is what she specializes in. All of her wins have been by submission by armbar. So I was well prepared. I can say we drilled well over 300 armbar defenses throughout the camp thus far. To be perfectly honest with you I just got caught. There are no excuses. I fought my heart out . I did my best and I just got caught and the best women won and it was her,” said Allen after the loss.  

“I have no regrets. If I were to do things all over again I wouldn’t change a thing. The coaches have prepared me to stay ready because you never know what happens and you should still be prepared for the possibility to come back. Still be ready to train, because you never know. That is part of fight game it is just a matter of going back to the drawing board, I have no choice but to move forward and go from there,” she added. 

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