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The Weekly Grind: Alan Jouban works in Versace commercial, Tim Kennedy pranks friends

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The life of a professional fighter isn’t all glitz and glamour.

As if getting punched, kicked, kneed, choked and twisted into a pretzel on a regular basis isn’t enough, fighters attract a general wackiness that makes their lives, well…interesting.

To commemorate these day-to-day hardships, slip-ups, pranks, and more, we bring you, “The Weekly Grind.”

@TheNotoriousMMA if You had fought me you wouldn’t be 2 division champ,you would be dead.Look what a out of shape Diaz did to U #I’llbeback

— Rafael dos Anjos (@RdosAnjosMMA) August 8, 2016

@lokesh1092 I won my last 5 fights in mma 4 of those 5 in the UFC, so if that’s failing sign me up. #trashtalk #doyourhomework #bro

— matthew riddle (@riddletuf7) August 8, 2016

@dragonsfighter @lokesh1092 Conor can’t beat people who only get 2 weeks to train for a fight, he’s a mutt just like @danhardymma was a mutt

— matthew riddle (@riddletuf7) August 8, 2016

Hey @riddletuf7, where’s that 4-fight win streak? Two failed drug tests in your last 3 @UFC fights? #Winner pic.twitter.com/qfGoyF9rRF

— Dan Hardy (@danhardymma) August 8, 2016

@danhardymma @ufc you’re hilarious bro,I still remember you dodging me at Drysdale’s because you knew I’d work you #overrated #bro

— matthew riddle (@riddletuf7) August 8, 2016

@riddletuf7 haha! Stick to the fake stuff you clown. I didn’t train with you because you aren’t worth my sweat. You are a chump.

— Dan Hardy (@danhardymma) August 8, 2016

@danhardymma ok dude keep telling yourself that, and I will keep wrestling it’s awesome, like I said I’ll be in England in December later

— matthew riddle (@riddletuf7) August 8, 2016

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