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The wrong Jon Jones gets bombarded with angry tweets from UFC fans

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Article Source – bloodyelbow.com

After news of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ latest drug test failure broke, fans (once again) went after the wrong Jon Jones on Twitter.

Social media went haywire, as you might expect, after UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones tested positive for a banned substance (reportedly turinabol) after taking an in-competition drug test after the UFC 214 weigh-ins. Jones faces a potential four-year ban, with this being his second USADA violation in just a year. While it hasn’t officially happened, there’s a good chance we’ll see Daniel Cormier reinstated as light heavyweight champion, having been brutally knocked out by Jones less than a month ago.

The person you really have to feel for is Jon Jones.

No, not that one.

I’m talking about the other Jon Jones.

@JonJones, not to be confused with @JonnyBones, is a video game developer, writer, and self-described “tech geek.” He has been subject to people incorrectly tweeting him instead of the UFC star, and his notifications really go up when any big news pertaining to “Bones” is announced. This has been going on for a few years now, and with the UFC’s Jones in the headlines for the wrong reasons for the umpteenth time, he knew what was coming.

If you want to peruse all the hate-mail Jon Jones (tech geek) has received because of the actions of Jon Jones (UFC fighter), click here.

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