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This Week in Struggle: Police run-ins, brown panties, sickness, bachelor auctions and ponies

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Life is hard for all of us, but especially for professional cage fighters. Join us now for a laugh and a cry as we reflect on “This Week in Struggle.”

We recommend you read it to the sounds of Sarah McLachlan.

DOH!!!! Didn’t put the lid on right….son of a….! Who’s done this before? #AlphaCat #alphaspill #morning #fcuk

— Alpha Cat Zingano (@CatZingano) October 24, 2015

Bless the people vacuuming & cleaning my wife’s truck right now. 3 kids. It is it’s own ecosystem in there

— Brian Stann (@BrianStann) October 24, 2015

Up until 3am, sparring at 930am… Crushing it on both fronts. @Bungie #titanmasterrace

— Joe Lauzon (@JoeLauzon) October 24, 2015

Well my hand hurts and I have an ear infection 🙂 happy Friday everybody!

— Erik Jon Koch (@NEWBREED04) October 24, 2015

Fetty Wap on the other hand. Absolutely dreadful. When I have nightmares about yodeling, that’s what it sounds like.

— Marcelino Evil (@KCBanditMMA) October 24, 2015

My parents didn’t even pick me up from school when i was a kid, but now they buying ….View original article

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