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Throwback: Georges St-Pierre Trains With Muay Thai Legend John Wayne Parr

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For awhile now everyone has been speculating as to if and when Georges St-Pierre would make a return to the cage. As it stands, the clock is still ticking and we all know that time waits for no man. If Georges St-Pierre hopes to make a return to action and remain competitive against the best fighters on the planet then he’s going to need to bust his ass in the gym and get the ball rolling before it’s too late.

While it may seem like the UFC is passing Georges St-Pierre by, the reality of the situation is that he could very well make a comeback and still be competitive against the more talented fighters in the welterweight division. The throwback post below of the former welterweight champ hitting pads with muay thai kickboxing legend John Wayne Parr can give even the most cynical of MMA fans some hope that we’ll once again see Georges St-Pierre giving it his all to battle it out in the cage.

4 years ago had one of the greatest times in my life working with @georgesstpierre in Montreal. This is the first time getting GSP doing freestyle on the pads. As it was the first time we are not going too fast or hard until we get use to each other’s rhythm. I also have to gain his trust knowing the pads will be there when he throws his techniques. By the end of my 2 weeks George was smashing the pads mixing up his combo’s nicely. GSP was seriously one of the nicest guys I’ve met in the sport. Hopefully we see him again one day in UFC.

A video posted by John Wayne Parr (@johnwayneparr) onFeb 6, 2017 at 8:30pm PST

What are the chances Georges St-Pierre makes a comeback?

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