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Tim Kennedy Retires At Age 37

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A true class act

Have you ever had one of those things you knew was coming but when it happened you still didn’t feel like you were prepared? That’s how we feel about Tim Kennedy’s post on facebook. In the recent post, Kennedy announces his retirement at the tender age of 37 and gives his reasons as why this should be the end. It’s the age old story, when the body won’t react as fast as the mind wants, and the things you once did you cannot do anymore. In this heartfelt letter, Kennedy thanks everyone involved in his MMA career and even calls out some legendary fighters by name. Robbie Lawler, why you gotta hit so hard?

I’m not always the sentimental type but if this doesn’t make you feel something you might be a sociopath or a Russian spy. Either way, enjoy.

Probably one of the best retirement speeches we have ever read. If you followed it all the way to the end you’ll notice he alluded to the Mixed Martial Arts Athelete’s Association when he mentioned some of the young fighters like Paige Vanzant and securing their futures. So it seems Kennedy will still be on the scene.

Not many people can walk the line between crazy and class act, and Tim Kennedy did just that. Range on Mr. Kennedy, Ranger on.

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