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Tito Ortiz is REALLY, Really Excited to Be at this Donald Trump Rally

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Make Huntington Beach great again, indeed.

It should come as no surprise that Tito Ortiz is a Donald Trump loyalist. He’s been really vocal about it, after all. But the way your boy Tito stands there with this look of infinite and unmitigated satisfaction on his face makes me think he’s absolutely fanboying for The Donald right now.

To the images!

Tito also retweeted some Hilary Clinton-hating account because they caught him gleefully holding up a Trump sign because of course.

Tito Ortiz at the rally! #TrumpRally

— MAGS-4-TRUMP2016 (@magnifier661) May 25, 2016

Tito’s not alone, though. Lots of fighters have a loyalty to Trump and his campaign. The mothership,, talked to Randy Couture about politics and “The Natural” said he’s in support of Trump because he’s a maverick. A MAVERICK, YOU GUYS.

We’re really looking forward to doing a Hot Tweets article about UFC fighters reacting to Trump winning the presidency. Clickbait galore.

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